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Sonia Panesar: Exclusive Concert

Team Sur Sangeet's Lead Vocalist Sonia Panesar will be LIVE IN CONCERT on SUNDAY 17TH APRIL 2016.

A celebration of the Sikh New Year and the founding of the Sikh community. Norden Farm will be holding its first ever Vaisakhi Show at the Centre of Arts. The Centre's very own Kathak and Bollywood youth dance classes will be performing a showcase, choreographed by Devika Shangari and Geeta Rai. Followed by a concert - an EXCLUSIVE SHOWCASE PERFORMANCE - from Sonia Panesar and Flute That Groove. They perform kīrtan - devotional songs, shabads and bhajans accompanied by sufi compositions with elements of tradtional folk and contemporary music Ideal for those interested in Music for the Mind Body and Soul. Vocalist Sonia Panesar is supported by: Kamal Panesar on Percussive Tablā & Daflī Rishi Handa on Electro-Acoustic Guitar & Electric Mandolin

Millan Handa on Bānsurī – an Indian bamboo flute & Electro-Harmonium Amar Panesar on Electric Guitar WHY? Norden Farm’s first live event to mark this important festival £10 (£8 under 16s), Family & Friends (4 people) £32 GO TO for more info or to book your tickets now.

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