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Team Sur Sangeet Go VIRAL!

You heard right!

Team Sur Sangeet got together and created a simple but fun Christmas message to all our fans and followers...Little did we know that we would go GLOBAL!

It has done the rounds on Whatsapp,225K views on our Facebook page in the first 24 hours alone, several thousand views on Youtube and Twitter and eventually was aired on PTC News Channel worldwide and on the radio waves on Hum 106.1FM in Texas, USA!

The figures right now are through the roof and we have spread the #PunjabiChristmas spirit to USA, Canada, Australia, Kenya, Europe, UK, India and many more...

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for making our Christmas a memorable one!

Special Thanks to Sikh Milan (India), PTC Channel (Worldwide), Daily Bhaskar (India), Hum 106.1FM (Texas), Simply Bhangra (UK), Punjab2000 (UK) and many more that spread the #PunjabiChristmas phenomenon!

If you havent had the chance yet, go ahead and watch the video...Enjoy!

-Team Sur Sangeet

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